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William Randolph Hearst's, Hearst Castle taken from Pacific Coast Highway 1 near San Simeon. Click to enlarge. CLICK HERE to take the
Hearst Castle Photo Tour.

Click this San Simeon Hearst Spanish Style warehouses to take the virtual San Simeon California informational photograph tour.

San Simeon Lodging & Tourism Information Travel Website; Castle Country Visitor Information for Winter 2016/17:
Central California Coast fun off-season events like the Blendfest on the Coast or take the Pacific Wine Trail, hot things to see, cool places to go, fun stuff to do, all the area’s best places to eat and drink and to stay near Hearst Castle! Fun things to do local event calendar(mobile icon for San Simeon Cambria fun things to do, neat things to see: tourist attractions, visitor points of interest, fun activities and sightseeing near Hearst Castle. mobile calendar), good places to eat (mobile icon for San Simeon Cambria favorite restaurant directory: places to eat near Hearst Castle. eat mobile) at and near the Hearst Castle and all the closest motels near Hearst Castle (mobile icon for San Simeon Cambria favorite motels hotels resorts bed and breakfasts directory: places to stay near Hearst Castle. hearst motels mobile) San Simeon, CA 93452; ; information about Hearst Castle and the tours; ...San Simeon California motels lodgings: Inns, Motels, Resorts or Cambria Bed & Breakfasts & B&B 2 ...and now also the best lodging offerings from Cambria, 93428 & best Cambria CA places to eat and drink too!.. plus all the other information to assure a perfect Hearst Castle Country Vacation!

PLAN THE PERFECT VACATION! this is your "go to first" website when you are planning a vacation in "Hearst Castle Country" everything you will need to know for the perfect vacation... if you are heading north to Big Sur you should visit our sister site www.Big-Sur-Lodging.com. or cut through the internet clutter and visit the condensed www.bigsur.tips..., or...Castle Country vacation info on the FLY! mobile format to assist you on the road: (mobile icon for San Simeon Cambria favorite motels hotels resorts bed and breakfasts directory: places to stay near Hearst Castle. mobile best Hearst Castle Area lodgings) - (mobile icon for San Simeon Cambria favorite restaurant directory: places to eat near Hearst Castle. best places to eat mobile)

HEARST CASTLE INFORMATION! One of my favorite year end Hearst Castle tours is the wonderful Holiday Twilight Tour is ongoing and available; try the new Art of San Simeon Tour available for a limited time or stay home and take the Classic Hearst Photo Tour: - Hearst Castle Pictures

GENERAL TOURIST INFORMATION: - Hearst Castle Area Chambers of Commerce - area visitor information from and links to 16 Hearst Castle area Chambers.

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Hi, I'm Don the webmaster and travel writer for this site; I have lived here on the coast and have been involved with travel industry most my life, hope you find this Hearst Castle San Simeon California visitor information useful and you enjoy your vacation here.

Welcome to www.san-simeon-lodging.com; a Hearst Castle Country Lodging and Sightseeing Guide...
caution icon for drought related water restrictions ATTN: although temporarily closed because of storms and safety concerns Hearst Castle, San Simeon State Park, Morro Strand State Beach and Montana de Oro State Park are back open 02/21/17; please be aware that even with recent rains this area is trying to conserve water... drought related water restrictions now including beach shower shutoffs which are still in effect but...
no need to postpone your Hearst Castle Country Vacation because of drought or or recent fires...GO NOW!

NOW is a wonderful time to visit Hearst Castle Country, the busy summer season is over the foggy weather and the crowds are all gone; take advantage of the tranquility and low off-season motel rates. It almost never freezes on the Central Coast and in-between winter rains the sun comes out brightening the beautiful hills and they return to emerald green. You will see the amazing monarch butterflies till the end of February and the California gray whales are migrating south to Mexico you can view them with binoculars from the Highway 1 pullouts or up close on a boat excursion from Virg's Sport Fishing out of Morro Bay, they have rock fishing excursions too. There are always some flowers in bloom even in winter for the cute little local Anna’s humming birds and it is a good time to view the elephant seals; winter is when you see the charming babies; see what the elephant seals are up to right now on the elephant seal livecam.
Now that gas is cheap and the traffic is light it's the perfect time for that Pacific Coast Highway 1 road trip! The weather is almost always mellow on the Central Coast in the winter the grass gets green and sky gets blue, it stays temperate and you can almost always play outdoors! One thing I love about our weather is the many micro-climates; if the weather right where you are at isn't perfect and you want a change, no matter where you're at different weather is not far away. For instance you may want to visit one of the beaches near Hearst Castle after your tour but what if the coast foggy, you can relax and have a cup of coffee at one of the many wonderful and unique coastal restaurants, till the fog lifts or if you'd rather you can head inland on a wine-tasting side trip into Paso Wine Country! You could even spend the night at the award winning B&B the Canyon Villa (Sunset best B&B 2016; TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice selection 2017)... but you need not even depart from Highway 1 to celebrate good California wine... Wine Enthusiast Magazine calls Hearst Castle Country “California's Highway 1, The Wine-Lovers' Route”. If the fine local wines or variety weather choices aren't enough motivation to make the trip maybe you would like to take advantage of the areas many, art, and gift galleries by combining your vacation with a special winter event! Of course the real reward comes if you can take time from your road-trip and holiday shopping to wind down at on of the wonderful Hearst Castle country seaside resort motels or bed & breakfasts & also check NEW B&B Page 2 ; one of my favorite Hearst Castle are lodgings is featured: Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort near San Simeon, Rated #1 of motels near Hearst Castle at San Simeon Acres! Learn more about the only San Simeon Motel on the beach, Cavalier Oceanfront Resort on the featured San Simeon Lodging Page.. Morro Bay is also worth a visit and if you enjoy the ocean why not get out on it Virg's Landing of Morro Bay runs fishing excursions this time of year. If you are the hardy outdoors sort, now tourist season is over you may be able to get your favorite spot at the closest campground to Hearst Castle, San Simeon Creek Campground. The historic village of San Simeon should be on every visitors must-do list and did you know Sebastian's in old San Simeon now serves Hearst Ranch natural free range beef burgers ($8.50), fish tacos ($6.00) and has fun filled Hearst Ranch Wine Tastings but there is no more General Store. It's time to come and do some relaxed exploring and have some adventures along with getting pampered at one of California's fantastic central coast resorts: motels near Hearst Castle (mobile icon for San Simeon Cambria favorite motels hotels resorts bed and breakfasts directory: places to stay near Hearst Castle. motels mobile). Why not camp, hike & picnic near Hearst Castle San Simeon California? Right now during the off season you may be able to get your favorite spot!

Click for San Simeon, California Forecast

...if you're lucky you can still show up early on a week day morning and score your perfect camping spot ... camp, hike & picnic near Hearst Castle San Simeon California? Also visit the castle, for a limited time they are offering a new 2 hour extended “Art of San Simeon Tour” , a semi-private viewing of the Castle featuring the remarkable paintings, tapestries, sculptures, antiquities, and furniture; or try one of my favorite Hearst Castle tours that covers the history of the development and over 30 years of construction of the castle in detail; called “Designing the Dream” it is an extended 1 1/2 tour where you will see the grounds, a guest house and the main house as well featuring the background of the design and construction evolution of William Randolph Hearst’s San Simeon historic palatial manor. More Hearst Castle Information, night at the museum: Relive history: Tour a castle museum article in the Desert Sun.

KEEP IN MIND IS YOU TAKE PCH NORTH TOWARD BIG SUR... Although some Cal State Parks may be closed or limited most all the private businesses will be on there usual off season schedules. At least one fall gala Big Sur affair, the Jade Festival is being postponed because of the fire. If you're headed Big Sur way check in withwww.BigSur.Tips first.

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San Simeon Chamber of Commerce Office in San Simeon Acres, Hearst Castle, San Simeon tourist  and  visitor information. Click to enlarge.

BE SURE & VISIT THE SAN SIMEON CHAMBER OFFICE: There is a San Simeon Chamber of Commerce Website that lists all member resorts, motels,and restaurants in San Simeon but this web site lists them all and more. You can call the San Simeon Chamber of Commerce at 805-927-3500 or write or visit the San Simeon Chamber of Commerce in San Simeon Acres, San Simeon Chamber of Commerce, Plaza del Cavalier, Suite 3A, 250 San Simeon Ave, San Simeon, Ca 93452. San Simeon Chamber of Commerce Information Continued plus information on all other Central Coast Chambers.

New Book "Hearst Ranch: Family, Land, and Legacy" Cayucos Visitors Center, Cayucos Chamber and Cayucos Historical Museum building at 41. South Ocean Avenue, Cayucos Califronia. Click for a closer look at the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center and Historical Museum.

CAYUCOS VISITORS CENTER & HISTORY MUSEUM: Stop by and visit the new location for the Cayucos Chamber of Commerce, they have a new Visitors Center which shares the building with the Cayucos Historical Museum at 41 South Ocean Ave. Cayucos, California 93430; open noon to 4:30 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.. Telephone: 805-995-1200. Cayucos Chamber of Commerce Information information about the new Visitors Center / Cayucos History Museum

Lots of lodging accommodations are available near Hearst Castle but no motels, hotels, or resorts or even a bed & breakfasts are actually in the small historic village of San Simeon anymore.

There are many inns, motels, and some motels that call themselves hotels near Hearst Castle and couple of nice small resorts too but there are actually none real close to Hearst Castle or left in Hearst Castle's old village of San Simeon, and there hasn't been since the early 1900's. Most of the motels are 3 ˝ miles to the south of the village of San Simeon in a motel strip town, a couple of PCH frontage road motel rows that locals have always called San Simeon Acres. There are precious few motels near Hearst Castle located north of San Simeon and the unique lodging accommodations offered by the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort make it the best on either side of San Simeon; it's the only real beach-front motel/resort near the Hearst Castle or San Simeon. Several things set this motel lodging in a world apart from the other motels near Hearst Castle. For one thing the Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort was chosen 2006 Travelers' Choice Award for most romantic place to stay!
Of all San Simeon lodging accommodations only one of the motels near Hearst Castle offers lodging on the edge of the beach, Best Western Cavalier Resort's Motel. The ocean view and views of the California coastline at this motel are breathtaking and the beach is fun and wonderful. The lodging at this motel is part of an all inclusive resort, with a magic ambiance of it's own. The Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort offers the premier motel in the area near Hearst Castle and all the resort amenities to make your visit to San Simeon, San Simeon's Hearst Castle and the Central California Coast rewarding, memorable and complete.

There are a number of other roadside motels, and mini-resorts that are near Hearst Castle, most in the motel strip town, San Simeon Acres, the San Simeon Lodge, San Simeon Courtesy Inn, Sands Motel, the Morgan at San Simeon and the Silver Surf Motel, are a few but none are all inclusive resorts or have the ocean views or ambiance which compare to the RPI Resort, the beautiful unique Ragged Point Inn and Resort. A few of the things that make the Ragged Point Inn Resort unique are that it is located on a rugged California Coast outcropping on top of a 350 foot cliff providing breathtaking views, it is right on the Pacific Coast Highway 15 miles north of Hearst Castle with more of a Big Sur influence and it is the only hotel motel lodging on the scenic Big Sur Coast that is pet-friendly.

This Website is the definitive site for planning your Castle Country vacation and finding a resort, motel, lodging accommodations of any kind near Hearst Castle San Simeon. There is a no nonsense complete list and directory of all the bed and breakfasts, resorts, inns, and motels near Hearst Castle San Simeon that should eliminate any confusion about lodging and accommodations in San Simeon Acres, and the motels near Hearst Castle. Pages of information about things to do and see in the area and calendars of neat events for you and your family to participate in.

The information here about Hearst Castle and the San Simeon area should prove useful to you in planning your vacation to Hearst Castle and the San Simeon area and the lodging accommodations on the complete hotel/motel directory listings should provide all the information you need to select the right bed and breakfast, inn, resort, motel, or hotels near Hearst Castle San Simeon for you.

This Website also includes lots of useful resource links to travel information about the Hearst Castle area and you will also find photos of Hearst Castle, the elephant seals, the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse and other attractions around Hearst Castle and San Simeon.
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Cambria Resort Lodgings, 7 to 11 mi. to Hearst Castle arrow graphic to highlight the new Cambria California hotel listings the El Colibri Hotel and Spa as well as the Cambria Pines Lodge best Cambria California lodgings.

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