Picnic Spot #1, Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort, the perfect place for picnicking after your Hearst Castle San Simeon Coast Tour!

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Photo of what most know as Ragged Point featuring the big rock foundation that Ragged Point Resort is built on; click for a larger picture of big rock and Ragged Point Inn Resort.

Satellite  photograph of the picnic spot Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort one of the best places to for picnicking near Hearst Castle San Simeon California, click Picnic Spot picture to enlarge photo of the Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort central coast picnic spot.

There are many reasons to include a picnic in your Hearst Castle Country vacation, the current economy, the extreme amounts that some tourist based businesses think they deserve to get paid for their goods and services and the fact that it enhances your vacation to get out and interact with the foreign environment. That said one of the best spots to have a picnic in the area is at Ragged Point’s Picnic Table Plaza. The Ragged Point Resort has a large patio covered with picnic tables surrounded with small businesses and facilities that can support and enhance your experience where you are free to set up enjoy yourself as long as you want.
It’s nice to have picnic tables to set up, serve, and eat at but you could also just spread a blanket out a blanket on Ragged Point’s ocean view lawn and enjoy a bottle of wine some French bread, salami and cheese if you like. There are nearby restrooms, Joe’s Mini-Mart, a hot dog/hamburger stand and a beer/wine/espresso/desert bar to augment your picnic experience and make it a memorable part of your vacation.
Often on summer Sunday afternoons there is fresh hot barbecue served and a musician or small band playing for tips to make Ragged Point Resorts Picnic Table Plaza a really “happening place”.
After you eat there many short scenic trails to enjoy if you like walking and much of the Resorts ten plus acres have beautiful ornamental gardens and the Pacific Ocean/California Coastal Views are breathtaking, there is a photo opportunity around every corner. If you are a well conditioned hiker there is a short but strenuous hike which leads to small mostly unimpressive beach, it's the natural beauty of the coast hike that makes the jaunt worth while.

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Complete Information and Reservations for Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort (805-927-4502) at raggedpoint.us Website

Click for Ragged Point Inn Resort aerial photos and other high resolution California coastline photographs taken from helicopter by the California Coastal Records Project. Aerial Photos of this picnic site, Ragged Point Inn Ocean View Resort from the California Coastal Records Project

Picnic Spot Location Latitude / Longitude: N35 46.61 W121 20.41

Photo of some of the picnic tables on Ragged Point Resorts Picnic Table Plaza with the gas station/mini-market in the background; click for a larger picture of these picnic tables on Ragged Point Resorts Picnic Table Plaza and the gas station with Joe's Mini-Mart.


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