Beautiful Coastal Bluff Hike South of Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, Great Pacific Ocean California Coast Views nice off PCH parking lot.

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Photo of an elephant seal natural history intrepretative sign at the Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery viewing area; click for a larger picture of this elephant seal nature intreprative sign.
hikes trailhead near the elephant seal viewing area

Photograph of North Elephant Seal viewing area to Piedras Blancas Lighthouse  a trail for hiking near Hearst Castle San Simeon California. Click to view a larger photograph of this hiking trail off Pacific Coast Highway 1 on the California Coast.

North Elephant Seal viewing area to Piedras Blancas Point - The trailhead for this hike begins from the furthest north of the two parking lots for the elephant seal viewing areas off highway 1; in 2010 the state completed a boardwalk viewing area that runs between the two parking areas so you could actually park your car in either parking lot and head north. The particular hike described here runs between the smaller north parking lot and the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. If you would like to explore the lighthouse and its property you will need to join one of the organized tours (805-927-7361 lighthouse tour information); the property is separate from the State Park property it is managed by the BLM and not open to the public except through the organized tours. There is some very nice hiking allowed on the coastal bluffs south of the light house but the beaches are reserved for elephant sealsand other wildlife. There is small separate parking lot north of the main Piedras Elephant Seal Rookery viewing area where you should park for hiking this area; you may have to climb over the gate to get to the bluff trails but San Simeon State Park managers say to stay on the trails and off of the beaches. Looking for more information about hiking the coastal bluffs in this area see this San Luis Obispo Tribune news paper article about hiking these trails north of Hearst Castle San Simeon.
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Click for Point Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Viewing Area aerial photos and other high resolution California coastline photographs taken from helicopter by the California Coastal Records Project. Aerial Photos of hiking trails in this area, South Piedras Blancas Lighthouse from the California Coastal Records Project

Hiking Trail Trailhead Location Latitude / Longitude: N35 39.56 W121 16.29

Photo of people watching the seals from the elephant seal viewing area at the Piedras Blancas elephant seal rookery; click for a larger picture of these people watching them and the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas.
people are interested in the elephant seals but the seals don't really care about people
Photo of people, Christine Heinrichs and husband next to a full sized statue for elephant seal size comparison; click for a larger picture this giant bull elephant seal statue to see how it compares to the people.

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Click Elephant Seal Logo for official website of the Friends of the Elephant Seals nonprofit Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery Informaiton.

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