The popular Moonstone Beach Boardwalk along the beautiful ocean bluffs of Cambria's Moonstone Beach, wheelchair accessible.

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Thumbnail Photo of a tidepool teaming with live tidepool animals, a starfish, hermit crabs, periwinkles and more; click for a larger picture file of tiny tidepool world at Moonstone Beach, Cambria California.
Low Tide Reveals a Small Animal Wonderworld.

Photograph of Moonstone Beach Boardwalk Trail in Cambria California a trail for hiking near Hearst Castle San Simeon California. Click to view a larger photograph of this hiking trail off Pacific Coast Highway 1 on the California Coast.

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk - Parking lots at both the north and south end of the boardwalk, additional parking in-between. This trail is a very popular walking spot with striking ocean vistas and a very friendly atmosphere. The raised wheelchair accessible boardwalk runs the entire length of the coastal bluff along Moonstone Beach Drive, now a part of the State Park lands of W.R. Hearst State Park.
These days one motel after another lines the east side of Moonstone Beach Drive and in the afternoons and evenings, especially if the weather is nice most every hotel guest will go for a stroll along the beautiful bluff top boardwalk, it gets quite busy. The atmosphere is rather nice, even locals come to enjoy a stroll, many bring their dogs, some days it can also be a quite windy then it becomes a good place to fly a kite. Although itís the boardwalk that gets most of the use there is also access to the nice smooth gravel beach and at low tide the tidepools can be quite interesting.

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Hiking Trail Trailhead Location Latitude / Longitude: N35 34.50 W121 06.79
Approximate Address: 6263 Moonstone Beach Dr, Cambria, CA 93428

Thumbnail Photo of the scenic Moonstone Beach Boardwalk by the long row of hotels and motels along Cambria, California Moonstone Beach Drive; click for a larger picture file of motels on the east side of the Moonstone Beach Drive, Cambria California.
Every Motel Guest Strolls

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